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Specialized Home Services Marketing Consultants

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Tilted House was launched to help companies regain control of their marketing investment and ensure it’s delivering the best results, including increased sales, reduced costs, increased profitability, and improved reputation scores.

With Tilted House, you gain a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) team that becomes an extension of your company by guiding you to your goals and helping your internal and external marketing team become more organized, strategic and accountable. We help you stay focused, relevant and producing results!

Meet the Tilted House Team

Lisa Ninosky
Founding Partner

10+ yrs VP Marketing & Customer Service at Len The Plumber helping them expand geographically to become one of the largest privately-owned plumbing companies in the US.
10 yrs Account Executive in television and radio crafting campaigns to help local businesses grow.

Lisa has spent her entire career helping companies grow. She developed marketing and customer service teams that were able to successfully navigate the challenges of market expansion, changing technology systems, and managing a brand in a complex media environment and rapidly evolving digital landscape. She understands acutely how to calibrate marketing strategy with business operations to help protect bottom line results. She merges her passion of “finding the story in the data” with the knowledge of what it takes to move the needle for clients and develops marketing strategies focused on results. From conducting research to planning strategy to measuring performance, Lisa loves her spreadsheets and has developed a dashboard for Tilted House clients that identifies gaps and opportunities across their business.

Favorite Pastime:

Lisa played sports her entire life and now enjoys watching her husband Mike coach their 6-year-old son Dalton, near their home in Maryland.

Rodney Edenfield
Founding Partner

14 yrs Partner/Manager at award-winning digital marketing agencies selected as Google Premier SMBs Partners and specializing in digital marketing for service-based brands.
15 yrs Sales and Operations

Rodney has been exclusively focused on helping Home Service business owners achieve their marketing goals since 2008. Well known throughout the industry for his holistic and unbiased approach, Rodney has developed and managed some of the largest and most effective digital strategies for PHCE companies in North America. While working with some high-revenue clients, he discovered that many of the factors throttling his client’s growth initiatives were not limited to their marketing efforts, but rooted much deeper into operational inefficiencies. This is when the idea of forming Tilted House came to light, and the recruitment of the brightest minds in the space began to form a marketing and operational powerhouse carving new paths in the PHCE space. Rodney overlays his sales and operations knowledge with in-depth marketing expertise to increase effectiveness and profits for Tilted House’s clients. And he is a wizard at finding ways to improve Google Ads performance.

Favorite Pastime:

Rodney is an avid golfer and enjoys living in NE Florida near some of the best courses in the world.

What’s the Tilted House Story?

Once upon a time, two marketers from across the country met through our work with some of the best home service companies in the world. We soon become not only respected colleagues but also friends. Many years later, we were all having dinner with our spouses in a vintage house where the floor was so slanted that if you put anything round on the table, it would roll right off…and one of us (possibly after a cocktail or two) said, “We should form a consulting company – combining all of our talents and experience would be a dream team.” We all agreed that putting our skills and knowledge together would deliver a unique solution for home service companies and that, someday, it would be great to work with each other.

Well, someday has finally come. Lisa and Rodney are partners! And in tribute to that crazy vintage house, we named our company Tilted House Consulting.